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Apprenticeship mentoring relationship is developing and interesting post which invests a person with experience and knowledge of his time and expertise in order to develop the skills of emerging someone has the willingness and desire to develop cognitive skills and personal and professional. The called party relationship first expert or mentor and wave mentor)) and the second party emerging or recipient and beneficiary ((mentee Despite the multiplicity of definitions of the concept of apprenticeship, however, there are four characteristics of the process of discipleship agreed, namely: to provide psychological support and emotional, to support scientific knowledge, to provide support to set goals and choose the career path, and work with the model and the model featured. indicated a number of studies to the positive impact of apprenticeship programs to the student educational experience.
Based on the belief of the importance of the existence of such a program, launched the Vice President for Academic Affairs and academic apprenticeship program «Together excel», which is one of the initiatives the agency in order to achieve the second strategic objective in its plan, which (to create a learning environment attractive and stimulating for creativity), and this goal is associated with one of the goals of the university a: a supportive learning environment: to provide a stimulating environment for faculty, students and staff at the university. The program helps Discipleship "excel together" to provide a supportive environment for two slices of undergraduate students:
· New students, which is linked to the decisions of the student completed the preparatory year with one of the students in the senior years at the same college, in order to help the student to understand the culture of the university and the college and enable them to reach goals and overcome difficulties and discover their skills and capabilities.
· Students Outstanding: where is linked to student distinct with a faculty member in accordance with the specific mechanism and commensurate with the tendencies and abilities of the student, in order to help the student to achieve greater understanding of the scientific field, which tend to and consistent with their capabilities and ranging in which to gain some basic skills in Search scientific thinking skills and to acquire a set of advanced research skills.
And your visit to the Web site for the apprenticeship program «Together excel» You can get more information about the program, registration program, program evaluation, and communicate with those in charge of the program.

D. Sinai Abdul Mohsen Al-Aqeel
Supervising the apprenticeship program sections Women